Friday, March 23, 2012

Cooking Through a Cookbook

Cooking my way through a cookbook. This is something I've never done. Anyone who knows me and my cooking knows I take after my Dad and rarely cook from recipes. I look at recipes for inspiration then almost always just do it my own way.

But I buy cookbooks thinking *this* cookbook will be different. I love so many of these recipes and will make them! Then I make a few, still looking at all the other yummy recipes and never making them because I'm too busy experimenting with my own cooking.

So I think I am going to do something different and actually cook my way through one of my favorite cookbooks! Now, I may not actually make every single recipe and in order. But I think I will actually plan all of my dinners from it and lunches will be leftovers, maybe an occasional salad or sandwich recipe from the book, and PBJ almost always for the kids haha.

The book I'm speaking of is Vegan on the Cheap by Robin Robertson (take a peek on Amazon). It is a small, accessible little gem of all home made all whole food cheap vegan basics. The idea is you make several staples to have on hand then the recipes come together quickly and cheaply. Home made seitan and peanut sauce is infinitely cheaper home made than store bought, etc. So far, I've loved the few recipes I have tried.

I was getting a little overwhelmed the other day with my current vegan stint because it does require more cooking. I actually love it, but I become obsessed with finding new recipes and cooking when I don't have much time to be doing so since I have kids. But if menu planning is as quick as selecting several recipes, making a few staples on the weekend, then presto dinner on week days, I feel more balanced in life. Plus, Steve can help me since I'll have recipes (he always offers to help but I'm at a loss when I try to explain how I make something off the bat).

Plus, I figure this will be a fun project. I'll occasionally report back on my success. If all goes well it is an inexpensive book that I feel can help a lot of people eat healthy, whole food, inexpensive...and quick once you get in the rhythm...vegan food.

Here it goes.....

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