Saturday, April 9, 2011

Menu for the Week

This one started on Thursday, just getting around to posting it. We are really trying to save money so since I had a lot of food stored up, I only spent about $20 this week on produce, and the rest was on hand. Even if I were to have bought all of this now, this menu is very cheap...maybe $60 for the week for 2 people. I started shopping at the Grower's Market in Palm Desert again. I learned almost all of their stuff is local, though not organic, so it's right in my budget. I get local red leaf lettuce for .89 cents!

I am not so strictly vegan anymore, vegetarian at home but we eat whatever when we are out. I wasn't noticing I felt any better going 100% vegan than eating simply mostly plant-based. And this is much easier to do, especially considering we are about to have a house-full with 2 kids and we'll have to find things we'll all eat.

B-Cereal with soymilk, toast, orange
L-Annie's Organic Mac n' Cheese (got these on sale for .50 cents each at Ralph's again!), frozen green beans
D-Out (had our last home-study interview)

B-Oatmeal with Earth Balance and sugar
L-Tofurkey sandwich on sprouted wheat bread with Vegenaise, mustard, lettuce and tomato (I left mine at home after I made it! Steve had his haha), pineapple
D-Out (at friend's house)

B-Dutch oven pancake with Earth Balance and maple syrup, eggs over medium
L-Crostini and salad
D-Three-bean loaf w/ BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, braised kale and leeks (braised in veggie broth)

B-Egg burritos on whole wheat tortillas, grapefruit
L- Out (home church)
D-Veggie burger/veggie corndog, red coleslaw, fruit salad

B-Oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins, orange
L-Bean &cheese burrito on whole wheat tortilla, carrots
D-Korean stir-fried mung bean sprouts, rice

B-Eggs, hashbrowns, orange
L-Mac n' cheese, peas
D-Baked sweet potatoes topped with black bean chili and avocados, salad

B-Oatmeal with soymilk, banana
L-PBJ, carrot sticks
D-Roasted cauliflower (a must try if you don't like steamed cauliflower, it is more like roasted potatoes this way), wild rice pilaf, salad

Snacks this week are: bananas, apple w/almond butter, green smoothies, frozen berry-banana-soymilk-flaxseed smoothies, ants-on-a-log, rice cakes, popcorn, almonds and dates, Tillamook cheddar cheese on Wasa rye crackers, hazelnut dark chocolate, cereal with soymilk, etc.

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